This project is an owner builder project.  Below is rear elevation in 2003.  Just about everything in view was demolished and/or rebuilt.  Since this is a construction and design lab for us, it is full of little stories.  Watch our blog for occasional "Lab Notes" on those details.

back 2

Here is the current view.  Concrete deck columns in foreground.  They are designed to laterally brace the deck which is a foot or so below the upper floor level.  This eliminates the clutter of diagonal braces typically found beneath upper floor decks.  This turns what would be left over space back into garden space.  It also eliminates the need to directly attach the deck to the building, which provides better water resistance to the main building exterior.

DSC 5716

Our drawings for a project we build tend to be more dynamic and with less notation.  They are like big electronic sketchbooks.  They evolve and change as the work progresses.  Here below are the original existing and proposed site plans.  They link to larger pdfs.

The interior of this house is an open plan living area with a high ceiling and an exposed ceiling structure.  Since it is a long gable roof form, our basic structural choice was to either have a very heavy center beam, a less heavy center beam with one or two supporting columns, or a ridge board instead of center beam with collar ties.  We preferred no column and materials we could more easily lift.  So we designed a system of decorative collar ties made from site prefabricated components.  The roof structure looks like this:

roof 1

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