Residential Addition and Alteration 2013

Completion October 2013.  Phase I of project completed in 2002.  Current project is second floor master bath and closet addition with remodel of 2 bedrooms.  Phase I consisted of lower level kitchen, family and breakfast area remodel.  Phase I structure was designed for Phase II work.

This project is an example where an existing older building provides most of the visual themes and the newer structure blends with it, though a few uniquly modern elements are introduced where they do not create jarring contrasts.

Engineer:  Smith Engineering, Oakland

Builder:    Cerami Builders, Berkeley

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Vacation Cabin 2012
San Benito County

A cabin for family use on a large ranch.  Site has water but no gas or electricity.  Building is off grid with solar hot waater and PV panels.  Materials are low maintenance, long life.  Summers are hot, winters cold.

Unbuilt thus far.  Difficult environment for necessary fire insurance.

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Wardlaw/Gaytan Residence 2004-
"The Lab"

Whole house remodel including overall seismic upgrade, foundations, windows, plumbing, electrical, room rearrangement, new kitchen, new baths.  In progress.

Engineer:  Smith Engineering

Builder:  More Than Construction

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8 Unit Apartment 

Infill site.  3 stories over parking.  Unbuilt.  2003.  Units on site maximized.  Land and constructioncost did not permit project to proceed.

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