Restroom Alterations 2013
Senior Assisted Living Facility

Construction pending.  Facility had two back to back restrooms with adjacent bathing rooms.  Proposed remodel creates 1 accessible toilet and bathing room, one small office and one store room.  This is a technical project.  Accessibility compliance and structural issues are main drivers and turn what might be seen as a simple project into a relatively complex one.

Structural Engineer:  Smith Engineering, Oakland

Mechanical Engineer: Higash Associates, San Francisco

You can view these drawings here.


Historic Adaptive Reuse 2011-13
Michaans Auctions
Alameda Point, Alameda

Former US Navy hanger, approximately 60,000 s.f. is remodeled for offices, estate auction merchandise display and storage.  Building was permitted under the California Historic Building Code.  Improvements included restroom walkway and site alterations for access compliance.  

Structural Engineer:  Smith Engineering, Oakland

Mechanical Engineer: DPC Consulting Engineers, Alameda

Builder:  R. Sorenson Construction, El Sobrante

DSC 4443

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Tenant Improvements 2012-13
Milo Foundation Point Richmond Facility

Tenant unit (5,000 s.f.) in an existing commercial industrial building is outfitted for use as an animal rescue facility.  Includes indoor animal housing and care areas, office areas, and fenced exterior dog exercise areas.  As sometimes is the case in multi-tenant developments, new tenancies affect originally approved site standards such as landscaping, parking and disabled parking.  For this unit it was necessary to survey the existing landscaping and confirm that resulting alterations will not leave the overall site below required minimum landscaped areas.

Builder:  MSH Group, Point Richmond

Structural Engineer:  Smith Engineering, Oakland

Mechanical Engineer:  Higash Associates, San Francisco


Proposed Redevelopment of Historic Richmond Shipyard No. 3 2008

A response to a competitive RFP by the City of Richmond.  This was an effort to generate a more intense use, additional city income, greater economic diversity for what remains of the old Henry J. Kaiser shipyard, and strengthen the site as a local and national historic resource.  Three or so distinctive original buildings remains along with the original ship basins.  The site has a spectacular vantage of the San Francisco Bay.  A historic cargo ship, USS Red Oak Victory is berthed at the site as it undergoes gradual restoration as a maritime museum.  The site is also a part of the Rosie the Riveter National Historic Seashore.  Elements of the Bay Trail terminate in the vicinity.

Developer:  MSH Group/PPMT Investors, Point Richmond

Design Architect:  More Than Construction, Inc.

Structural Engineer:  Smith Engineering, Oakland

Historic Architect:  Carey & Co., Inc, San Francisco

DSC 5462

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Bank of Richmond Historic Rehabilitation 2003
Point Richmond

This existing brick structure was reinforced with concrete moment frames and shot crete.  Exterior materials were restored.  A new roof was constructed, including the recreation of the original copper turret cone.  Upstairs and downstairs partition layout was replanned.

Architect:  Donald Wardlaw AIA

Structural Engineer:  Interactive Resources, Pt. Richmond

Historic Architect:  Interactive Resources, Pt. Richmond

Here is how it was early in the 20th century.

Old Photo

And in 2002 prior to renovation.


And as renovated.


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