You do both residential and commercial work.  Which do you enjoy more?

Despite the obvious dissimilarity, there are important similarities which lead to many rewards.  From a business standpoint they are different markets and the are not always hot at the same time.  I fell fortunate to be able to do both---in a sense being able to do one makes it possible to do the other.

A key similarity, is that our residential and commercial projects are unique projects.  We do not do cookie cutter stores or housing developments or we haven't and I think it is unlikely we will.  New challenges are inviting and they keep us fresh.

In terms of finished product, not all of our work is gratifying to us as architecture.  Sometimes our client's need is for function, not excitement.  In these situations we derive our gratification in helping our clients reach their goals, and in the technical challenges those goals present.

The technical challenges keep us sharp and capable.  Why do renowned musicians practice scales?  It gives them a strong foundation on which to construct beautiful things.

Another similarity is that, while there may be some differences in which materials are used and how they are used, expertise in the use of materials is a core skill in both.  And since expertise in our profession is built upon, layer by layer, over time, focusing for a time on residential or commercial, in the end gives us additional expertise applicable to both.

There is no denying, however, that a well designed residential project has special rewards.  Such projects reward continually.  They can be joyful in the way strictly utilitarian projects will not be.  But the creation of beautiful residential projects is not all sweet dreams.  There lies beneath the surface a sea of technical challenges, solutions and descriptions.

In the end, we need them both.  For balance.

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