How did you get drawn to architecture?

640px-Temple of the Warriors Chichen Itza 012435004227 a47ec79433

In the 6th grade we studied the land and cultures of Mexico and Central America.  I was bitten by Mayan architecture and soon was doing library time.  From there, in the 7th grade, where they did there best to get kids like me to write a readable report, I did a report on Frank Lloyd Wright.  I'm sure it was not at all readable, but I was gobsmacked by the Imperial Hotel, which also seemed full of similarly primitive pre-Columbian elements.  I used to stare for long periods at the photos.  These were magical palaces for the cross-eyed only child that I was.  I went on to do many other youthfully obsessive things, like ask for a drafting table for Christmas in the 7th grade.

Now reflecting on it all, I realize that while for me architecture was foreground, for most people it is background.  Done nicely though, it will grab people unexpectedly and blow in their ear, like a morning wake up call that brings in a new day.  It can be a doorway into a world of charm and grace.  It's always there when people are ready to open the door.

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