A Note on Ego

There is an interesting video interview making the rounds of architect Peter Dodge FAIA, retired principal at EHDD in San Francisco.  Much history of Bay Area architecture associated with that excellent firm.  Dodge put his hand to quite a number of very handsome and beautiful commercial and residential buildings.  Here is an interesting quote from the interview:

"I don't design a building to suit my artistic needs.  I try to make the building work for the user."

It gives rise to a couple thoughts.  First, I think making the building work for the user may be an artistic need in and of itself and it wouldn't surprise me if Dodge was proud of those sucesses. 

Second, while good design might be seen as an artistic need of architects, and artistic expression is inextricably linked to some "star" architects, really crafty architects don't get hung up on one and only one design---they will think of dozens, as needed, and therefore matching good design with client needs is not by definition something an artistically and aestheticallty sensitive architect could not do.

You can watch the video yourself at the link:


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